A farm group is comparing party policies heading into next week's Provincial election.

Western Canadian Wheat Growers Executive Director, Dave Quist, says they asked all parties about their thoughts on trade, carbon pricing, innovations and grain transportation and posted the answers on their website.

"The grain growers we affiliate with, that's their business, that's what they want to know, and how a change in Government, or the same Government, may effect them."

Quist says he was surprised with the amount of parties that didn't respond.

"Six of them didn't get back to us," he said.

However the NDP, Alberta Independence Party, Alberta Liberal Party, Communist Party and UCP did respond to the Wheat Growers about their platforms.

Quist says the Wheat Growers is not a political organization, they just simply want to make sure producers have all the information to make a decision.

He says, when the winning party forms Government following the election on Tuesday, April 16, they'll have a good sense of their stance on agriculture policies, which will help in their meetings with Government.

"It also gives an idea of where the other parties are if they're in opposition ranks, where they stand on issues as well."

You can check out the full party responses on their website.


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