As of 10 a.m. on Monday (April 22), the Municipal District (M.D.) of Willow Creek put fire restrictions in place.

Even though vegetation is slowly growing and turning green, some areas have dead and dry vegetation that is causing the area to be extremely flammable.

These areas can act as fuel for fast-moving wildfires.

Any backyard fire pit, burn barrel, incinerator, and recreational campfire (including campgrounds in the M.D. of Willow Creek) that meets the county's bylaw requirements will still be allowed.

They are, though, asking people to remain vigilant whenever they do have a fire to keep it from spreading.

Due to the fire restriction, all fire permits are now cancelled for Willow Creek, and they will not be issuing new ones until the restriction has been removed.

Because the danger of wildfires can change drastically, conditions are monitored daily.

Before having a fire, it's best to keep an eye on either the Willow Creek or the Alberta Fire Bans website to know if there are fire bans in your area.

Any questions regarding the fire ban, feel free to contact the Emergency Services Department at 403-625-3351.