The Foothills Shuffleboard Association is hosting its annual Singles Player Shuffleboard tournament in June.

Big cash prizes are also up for grabs this year thanks to sponsorship support.

Ken Wardley, with the FSA, is really looking forward to the tourney next week.

"It's coming up on June the 5th and it runs through till the 8th which is the Saturday. And the amount of cash prizes is really, really quite substantial this year. So, we're very pleased to be able to host that again."

Once again it will be held in the Curling Rink at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex.

The rink cement slab was recently replaced last year and Wardley gives the Town of High River a couple of big thumbs up.

"The Town did a terrific job in levelling out that floor and we really don't have that issue we had before. They've done a lot of work over there, there's been a lot of cleanups done. You know, they put new washrooms in there."

The tournament is already filled with 64 players coming from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and of course, Alberta.

Wardley encourages everyone of all ages to come down and watch as it's free for spectators.

From June 5-7, the games start at 10 a.m.

The finals run on Saturday, June 8 starting at 9 a.m. with presentations for the top three around noon.

And the Doubles tournament is scheduled for August 8-10 this year.