Anytime you get to start your week off with one of the biggest businessmen in the's a good day.  My Monday (April 21) co-host was the CEO/President of the Calgary Flames, Ken King.  A resident of Millarville he is very familiar with our communities with family who live in Okotoks and High River. 

Jody Seeley and Ken King

And for being a "big-wig" with an organization, he wasn't a stick-in-the-mud at all!  LOL He was an absolute thrill to work with and get to know.  Such an incredible man with a kind heart, and even better a sense of humour! We had a little fun on the show when I made him the morning weather man.

We were really thrilled to get to thank him in person for the amazing gesture the Flames did for our local hockey players.  {audio}ken.mp3{/audio}

And yes, flattery does get you every where with me....tee hee (Listen to the audio above for that)

Mike Labelle popped on the show to join Ken and I with the rodeo report for today...{audio}rrapr21.mp3{/audio}

In case you missed seeing the video we were talking it is for you.