The 18th season of Heartland begins filming in the Foothills this week.

The longest running one hour drama in Canadian history is returning for an incredible 18th year.

One of the crew that's been with the production since day one is location manager Brian Dunne.

Dunne is grateful to get back to work and explains why it's taken so long to start filming the new season.

"There were a couple of work stoppages down in the United States last year that affected a lot of the film business here. And Heartland went to the end of August filming last year. And then there really hasn't been that much since. The people that are working on Heartland are happy to be back."

They've been filming the series in High River and surrounding area for the last 17 years and this year is no exception.

"Most of our filming is done in Foothills County. We do have quite a few new locations to look at in our first couple of episodes. We're looking forward to coming back to High River for sure."

When asked about when we can expect to see the stars of the show like Amber Marshall who plays Amy Fleming to show up at the iconic Maggie's Diner well, Dunne can't reveal too much.  He is definitely excited to be back, much like fans of the show.

"The crew are great people to work with. The cast are amazing. It is kind of like working with family, everybody knows each other."

The production crew will be filming from May 13 right until August 28, 2024, throughout the Foothills.