Crews with the Town of High River’s Fire and Protective Services have been deployed to assist with the provincial fire emergency.

The Town’s Deputy Chief of Protective Services, Steve Debienne, was requested by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency Friday to provide his expertise and support as a structural protection specialist.

"In this unprecedented situation, our members are proud to provide this support and assistance on behalf of the Town," notes Chief of Fire and Community Safety Cody Zebedee in a statement released by the Town. "Our members view it as a way to pay it forward for the assistance High River received during the flood emergency of 2013.”In a statement from the Town."

An engine was requested by the Town of Edson Friday afternoon and the engine departed with four crew members.

Shortly before noon Saturday, High River crews were re-deployed from Edson to assist at Fox Creek.

Crews remain in Fox Creek, working alongside other fire departments to protect the community and infrastructure. 

The Town of Okotoks confirms they haven't received a request at this time.