There could come a day when a paramedic or firefighter shows up to help you and it's someone who got their start at Highwood High School.

Foothills School Division superintendent Chris Fuzessy says the Foothills Emergency Services Program has been very popular.

The program was locally developed by teachers, principal Dave Roberts, and the High River Fire Department.

"They grew this program, and it's not strictly fire services, it's first responder, health services, emergency services, where it began last year, there were about a dozen students and this year there are 24 students enrolled and taking credits for high school completion, but also learning very important team skills, collaboration skills and of course first responder emergency skills that'll be useful for them for the rest of their lives," Fuzessy says.

The program is expanding to other parts of the region.

"It's also a program that is growing into Okotoks, there are students from Okotoks who are enrolled in this program so the fire department is probably going to join in at some point this school year to lend some expertise and assistance to helping students learn these different skill sets, and also a program that's available to both Christ the Redeemer Catholic schools as well as Foothills School Division so really a true community project," he says.

Highwood High School is raising money for the program by selling bright red and yellow socks with fire service and emergency service logos on them.