Looks like we're finally getting a reprieve from the heat.

Showers and cooler temperatures are on the way this weekend and next week.

Danielle Desjardins, with Environment and Climate Change Canada said it's going to be much cooler but it's a bit challenging figuring out how much rain we're getting this weekend.

"There are multiple chances for rain upcoming in the next week or so. It's really hard to nail down exactly how much because it's going to be more of these kind of showers and thundershowers so you could get a large amount if you're right under one of those showers, but other areas are going to be left with relatively small amounts. However, this cold front that's coming through is going to bring an end to this heat."

We are cooling down this weekend as well with highs from 18 to 22 over the next four days and Saturday could turn out well if you plan on getting out.

"Saturday looks to be relatively dry as well as Sunday during the day but then Sunday evening we have another chance of seeing showers and possibly some thundershowers and then Monday and Tuesday looks like another system's coming up from the United States so yet another chance of this off and on unsettled weather."

Desjardins also said if you plan on going to the Rocky Mountains you will probably experience more rain than either Okotoks or High River.

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