October is Disability Employment Awareness Month or D.E.A.M.

Jude Heyland, Business Specialist with Inclusion Foothills, spoke on behalf of Alise Kuipers, also with Inclusion Foothills, and said D.E.A.M. really makes a difference for both the employer and the employee.

"To me, D.E.A.M. is a celebration but also we want to acknowledge those businesses that have hired people with pan disabilities because they realize it makes good business sense. These days there's a labour shortage and forward-thinking business owners have sought out people outside of the mainstream to add value to their business."

They've planned an open house in conjunction with a Chamber of Commerce event coming up in just a few weeks.

"We're having an event here at JOBz Centre at Macleod Trail in High River on October 25th. We're hosting a High River Chamber of Commerce event. With that, we're celebrating our D.E.A.M. and that's from 5 till 7 on October 25th."

Everyone is welcome, both potential employees and employers. Just connect with Inclusion Foothills for more information.

Inclusion Foothills now has two locations in High River with the new JOBz Centre located at 327B Macleod Trail SW, next to P and H family restaurant. They had their grand opening earlier this summer.

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