It's that time of year again when High River gets George Lane Park ready for Christmas.

With the arrival of snow this week, it's got some people talking not about Halloween, but about Christmas.

Chad and Kathy Lambourn are definitely a couple that's been thinking about it a lot as they are coordinating the volunteer efforts this year, taking over from Ted Dawson.

"I mean, Christmas is really about the kids. It's about bringing joy and if we can be a tiny little part of that by setting up the lights in the park and carrying on what Ted has done for the last 10 years, we hope that we do it just as well as him", said Kathy.

While they do have some volunteers signed up, including the High River Brewing Co. Flyers hockey team, Chad said they could always use more.

"It's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun and if you're passionate about the holiday season and giving and your community it doesn't feel like work. That's what we're looking for. People to help out with that kind of attitude. 

Kathy said that Fortis Alberta will help string up the tall lights this Thursday, as they do every year, with the big need for volunteers this Saturday.

"Thursday morning between 8 and 8:30 we're going to get started and if you feel like coming out, that's great. Friday morning starting at 9:30 we'll start to get things organized in the park and then Saturday will be the big push. So, Saturday morning at 9:30 in the park will be the day that we're going to make sure we get everything standing, everything up."

And the tipi's already gone up after a ceremony last Saturday so now they just need volunteers to help out, and it should all be set up by Saturday afternoon.  

The weather is also expected to be warmer with highs just above zero.

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