Now that the town of Okotoks has built a new outdoor rink at John Paul II Collegiate, the school is wanting to integrate it into their physical education program.

"We are looking for any CSA-approved helmets, with or without cages. We would love cages if you have any. Any skates for our students," explains JP II P.E. staff member Jenica Brackett. "That's all that we are looking for right now. At this point, we are just looking to get sort of a skating program going on with our phys ed program."

The Town of Okotoks is planning on using that rink as a shared space between them and the school, so once the school has more information from the town, they will figure out what equipment they will need at that time.

"In terms of sizes, because it's a junior high, we have kids the size of elementary kids and the size of high school kids. So, we are kind of accepting anything at this point here. Like anything from a size 5 and up. 4 and up even, we will accept, because we have little kids here. And we get some huge kids here as well. So, size 12, size 13. Like, big big feet. We need those as well," explains Brackett.

If you want to donate skates and helmets, feel free to drop them off at the front desk at JP II, or reach out to the school.