If you've been through the drive-thru at McDonald's, you'll recognize the smiling and talkative Kaitlyn Girouard.

Girouard recently received some shoutouts and love on a local social media page.

And when asked where her smiling, humorous and quirky attitude comes she laughingly responded:

"I do improvisation every day, I wake up and it's all improvised... I wouldn't say [it's] juggling cats, more like amoebas."

She says she's had many highlights including one favourite gentleman and his dog.

"There was this gentleman who used to come through and he had like a cocker spaniel cross. He was an older gentleman and he loved it, he and his dog both loved it when I was working in the drive-thru. By the way, for those of you who do have dogs, I like to boop their noses."

Kaitlyn's been working with McDonald's for almost ten years and is often the first voice and person you get to chat with in the mornings at McDonald's in High River.