Over 100 people attended an art show and cancer fundraiser held in Diamond Valley over the weekend.

The event featured art from Diamond Valley painter Jacki-Lynn Bastable.

While Bastable's work has been shown in the Foothills before, this was the first showcase dedicated solely to her paintings.

It was organized by her daughter-in-law, Judi Bastable.

Judi says there were a few factors that led to the idea of holding this event.

"Every time I would come, she'd be like "Oh Judi, I don't know where to put all these, I have them in bins, they're everywhere.' She has a sunroom where she does her painting, and they were all sitting there... I mentioned to her, 'Why don't we do a show at some point?' It would be an exciting career step for her to take and plus, if we sold some it would free up some space... I also know people have been really passionate about her paintings in the past, so I wanted [her] to have the opportunity to share them with a lot of people."

The event was also a fundraiser, with 50 per cent of the proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Jacki was diagnosed with lung cancer in May and lost her husband to cancer several years ago.

The art show was held on Saturday (Oct. 14) at the Valley Neighbours Club in Diamond Valley and saw over 100 visitors.

Judi was thrilled with the response.

"There was a lot of passion from the people who came, a lot of emotions. People talk about how excited they are about the pictures they've chosen and how much it means to them. People bought a lot of gifts, with Christmas coming up. We sold paintings, we sold prints, we even took orders for prints that sold out... It was really heartwarming to watch."

Jacki's vision is impaired as a result of diabetic retinopathy, and while it has had an effect on her art, it hasn't hindered her.

"Every painting comes straight from my heart. Places that I've lived, they are in my memory. When my vision got impaired, I went into painting from my mind's eye, what I remember about the places that I lived, and from pure emotion about things I love like horses, bird's, trees, and I put it on canvas. It was my therapeutic release from whatever was bothering me. It's my happy place, I just pick up my paint brushes and I'm transported into another world," Jacki says.

Many of her older paintings she regards as her best are no longer in her possession, but thanks to Judi's photographic archive of Jacki's work, they were able to sell prints.

Jacki's most prevalent subject in her paintings is the Burmis tree, a well-known limber pine believed to be as old as 750 years. Jacki has fond memories of visiting the tree with her husband, and her family gathered there with her last summer for a reunion.

A few weeks before the event, Judi realized they didn't have one of Jacki's Burmis tree paintings to put on display, and asked Jacki to paint one to be shown at the showcase.

"It sold to a very dear friend of mine that was my skip at floor curling here at the Valley Neighbours. He is a lover of the arts and unfortunately, he lost his son about three months ago... Today, to see the joy on his face when he walked out with that Burmis tree, I felt so good that I was able to make him happy."

burmis treeJacki's Burmis tree painting done specially for the event. She added details like the sun, fence, and details surrounding the tree that weren't seen on previous versions. (Photo courtesy of Judi Bastable.)

The event raised $955, and another $875 was donated by Jacki's family in Manitoba, Quebec and Alberta who weren't able to attend, bringing the fundraising total to $1,830.

"It was an amazing, stellar success, and thank the Lord for friends that made it possible, and family like my daughter-in-law who organized it all and made it the success that it was. And thank God that I can contribute to cancer research. Maybe they will find a cure because they have actually done radiation on me and the tumor has shrunk, so long live research because I owe them some time that they have bought me," says Jacki.

Jacki celebrates her 81st birthday this week.

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