Escape to the Country Pet Boarding Retreat in Okotoks has found an interesting way to bring the dogs they walk on an adventure.

It's such an interesting method, that their business is getting recognized around the world, including Italy.

For the past year, they have been using an old school bus as a way to collect the dogs they walk and bring them to an off-leash dog park.

"Pup bus, it's a lot of fun," said the owner of Escape to the Country Pet Boarding Retreat, Emma Godley. "Basically, we started it just in May of 2023 and we were already doing adventure walks through our boarding and daycare facility. But we ended up not having enough room, basically, and we were doing lots of trips with the van. So, I looked for a bus and I went to a transport company, and I got a retired school bus."

They then got some body work done on the bus and then wrapped it with their company information.

In total, they can pick up 16 dogs per bus ride, and they are currently doing one bus trip a day, twice a week.

"So, we pick up from people's houses. You can be home, or you don't have to be home, and we can just go in, grab your dog if they are familiar with us. If not, then we'll just ring the doorbell. You can give us the dog. They just have to have a harness on with the back attachment to it."

If you don't own a harness, they have some that you can purchase.

Once they have all of their dogs picked up, they take them to the Little Creek Dog Park, where the dogs are free to run around off-leash for an hour.

"We have an allotted time where it's only our group of dogs going at one time. So, it's usually between 1 and 2 and then we deliver them back home."

While the dogs are out on their adventure with the Pup Bus crew, they often are treated to Timbits and other treats.

For those who have not left their puppy at their boarding retreat in the past, they ask that the dog does a day of daycare before signing up for a Pup Bus pickup.

They do that so they know the dog has good recall and fits in with the group socially.

There is also a bus monitor to make sure the dogs are all getting along.

A single Pup Bus ticket is $40, but the cost of each ticket drops as you buy more.

On top of having a Pup Bus, the Country Pet Boarding Retreat has been offering cat and dog boarding since 2011 and is currently in the process of expanding their kennels.

Because of how much the dogs love to play at the park, Godley wants to remind people that their pets may come home slightly dirty.