By now, Okotoks residents are sure to have noticed "Pete The Recycling Monster" on McRae Street.

He's a part of this year's Nooks and Crannies Festival, though he's more than just a display piece.

Residents are encouraged to feed him refundable recycling items to be donated to Pound Rescue.

Kerry Neale, one of the artists who designed Pete, says she saw the festival as a fun way to encourage community interaction in a healthy way.

"We thought it was a really cool and fun way to interact with the community even though we've got social distancing parameters, just to be a part of something despite those restrictions."

She and fellow artist Candace de Vuyst took inspiration from bottle drives; a common fundraising method often seen in the summer months, though one that's been notably absent this year due to COVID-19.

Neale says it's an easy and fun way for residents to contribute to a local non-profit.

"We're really hoping to encourage the community to scrounge up whatever they can and drop it off, because I know there's always an endless number of animals that need to be rescued, and an endless number of mouths that need to be fed."

Pete will be on display until the festival comes to an end on Saturday, August 22.

He's located between Unwind Wool and On Tap Oil and Vinegar.

For more information on this year's Nooks and Crannies Festival, click here.


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