A number of areas across the prairies are looking for more moisture.

Nutrien's Senior Agronomist Lyle Cowell took part in the Top Crop Summit this week noting that any moisture we see now will be beneficial.

He says depending where you are in Western Canada, quite a bit of what we get from here on in is going to largely lead to runoff.

"We need to have runoff to fill the water sources across Western Canada this subsoil moisture, the dugouts, the irrigation reservoirs, the lakes and streams, we need to have that. It's still going to help, some of it will enter the soil. We are in conditions right now because of the frequent melting this winter that a lot of the surface soil is frozen. So it's going to be a bit more difficult for the soil to take up any extra water, but it's still going to help us."

He says any bit of snowfall is going to contribute to yield for the next harvest, noting that if you have a little bit of topsoil moisture don't waste it.

"I think most of Western Canada has enough topsoil moisture to at least get things started. Some areas are obviously better than others. but I think that farmers are aware of what they're facing on their own individual farm in Western Canada. We're all hoping for some more snow and more rain for 2024."