The call for volunteers to help remove the Christmas lights and displays from High River's George Lane Park is on hold for now.

Ted Dawson says the weather has so far refused to cooperate.

"Unfortunately with the weather being so up and down, the ground itself is really frozen and so to try and get the displays out of the ground without damaging them is a real challenge and then with the thawing, freezing, thawing, freezing, a lot of the cords are buried in ice so it's making it rather a challenge to try and get everything out of the ground intact and undamaged so at this point, we're in a holding pattern."

It's also a matter of safety because there's a pretty good chance a volunteer or two could take a tumble on the ice even if they're wearing shoes suitable for wearing on the ice.

He says one good thing about the cold is the ice rink in the park is still able to be used.

"The skating rink will still be going for a while yet, the Town has kindly come out and put some more ice on the rink and so you'll still be able to enjoy that for a while yet too."

He says as soon as there's an extended stretch of warmer weather crews will get out and take down the display.