Thieves are still making off with catalytic converters at an alarming rate.

High River RCMP Constable Jill Kingdon-Mills says the thefts happen everywhere.

"We have had some in High River, I think we all try to think in a more preventative lens, if we are seeing them we need to do some more education to try and keep these thefts from becoming a big issue in our community."

Catalytic converters can be stolen in only a few minutes.

She suggests parking in a locked compound or a garage if possible.

"If you can't do that just make sure it's in a really well-lit area, criminals don't like to be seen doing their naughty things, right? So if it's in a lit area it's less likely to be targeted. If you have vehicle alarms or security cameras in the area or on the vehicle please make sure you're utilizing them."

She says having something like a VIN number engraved on the catalytic converter can help police identify where they were stolen from if they're recovered.