The Town of Nanton plans to send out street cleaning crews for several days this week.

If the weather cooperates, crews will be out from Monday, April 29th to Tuesday, May 7th, cleaning up all the winter's leftover sand, rock chips, and dirt.

This year, the Town has decided to go a different route and hire a street sweeping company to sweep around town, and they will be out from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

While the dates are tentative, due to the weather, the Town has the following schedule they plan to follo

April 29th, crews will begin their work on the North and Southbound Highways, to clear off their shoulders.

After that, the crews will head to the Westview area, cleaning 27 Avenue West to 31 Avenue, Westview Drive North to 20 Street, and 29 Avenue down South.

On April 30th, crews will sweep up the North Meadows Area, cleaning 18 Street North to 15 Street, 22 Ave West to 26 Ave, 18 Street from 26 Ave to Highway 2 Southbound, and 26 Avenue North to Highway 2 Southbound.

On May 1st, crews will tackle 23 Ave West to 26 Ave and 18 Street South to 22 Street, whereas on May 2nd, they will do Highway 2 Southbound West to 23 Ave and 18 Street South to 22 Street.

On May 3rd, Highway 2 Southbound West to 24 Ave and 22 Street South to 24 Street will get visits from the street sweepers to brush away all the grime.

Then, on Monday, May 6th, crews will head over to 22 Ave (Slade Drive) West to 26 Ave to clean, then they will do 26 Street from 24 Ave to 26 Ave, then onwards to 26 Street to Slade Drive, and then finally they will clean 24 Street by the Baptist Church.

If weather permits, Tuesday, May 7th will be the last day of street cleaning, and they will clean between Highway 2 Southbound and Highway 2 Northbound, from 17 Street to 28 Street.

They will begin on 20 Street first thing in the morning, on the 7th, and move out from there.

Signs will be out in the neighbourhood entrances prior to when the street is scheduled to be swept.

Signs with the scheduled date of sweeping in the area will be posted at least 12-24 hours prior.

When the street sweepers are out in the neighbourhood, the Town is asking for all parked cars to be moved from where the street cleaning is happening and not to be returned until the work has been completed, so crews can safely do their work.

The Town is also asking for residents to remove any rubber driveway mats or any other object placed on the street and to sweep all dirt and debris from the driveway and sidewalks into the gutter prior to the street sweepers arrival so it, too, can get swept away.

To stay up to date on Street Cleaning around Town, head over to their website.