A downtown Okotoks business is sharing security images in hopes of identifying two suspects.

The owners of Hub Town Brewing have been accruing security video and images from several break-ins over the last few months and posted images from a recent incident to the business's Facebook page this morning.

Lisa Watts, who owns and runs the brewery with her husband Mark, says an outdoor storage area is constantly being targeted.

"They've climbed the gate, they've jumped over the sea can, they've used, we're assuming, a ladder on a vehicle at one point to get in. They've pulled out equipment and propane tanks, all the things we use just to keep things rolling around here. It was shortly after the last incident that we went ahead and got some additional security measures because we couldn't deter them, it didn't matter what we had back there, they wanted it."

Among those new measures are additional surveillance and motion detectors that trigger an alarm system.

Their new equipment was put to the test last night (April 4) when intruders triggered the alarm in the early morning hours.

Watts says the police were on the scene within five minutes of being notified by the alarm company, and their surveillance cameras captured high-quality images and video of the suspects.

"We finally got a good bit of video and photos... We have a lot more information this time than we ever have. They've gotten a little sloppy, one of the guys didn't even wear anything to disguise himself. I think we're finally in a good position to get these guys."

Surveillance images show a pair of intruders, as well as what appears to be their vehicle.

They've since submitted images and footage to the RCMP.

The Watts also shared a few images to the Hub Town Brewing Facebook page, encouraging locals to share the images of the suspects and vehicle.

It's not the first time they've done this, having posted surveillance pictures following a break-in last October.

Lisa says she hopes the post, which has been shared over 40 times on Facebook and wracked up over 400 reactions, acts as a deterrent for this kind of behaviour.

"The number one hope is that we're going to be able to stop the person that keeps intruding, but I think the other thing is to send a message that the community is watching, we're paying attention, and we're all working together to make sure that people don't treat our town like their criminal playground."

They're asking anyone who recognizes the vehicle or suspects to get in touch.