The church bells at the Rotary Performing Arts Centre have been ringing at noon and 5 p.m. every day since 2010.

But since last week, the bells have been ringing about a half hour later than intended.

"It's an old church and there have been many, many funerals and things in that building, so we're wondering if maybe it's haunted and there is some kind of a ghost in the machine," says the Cultural and Heritage Team Lead with town Allan Boss with a laugh. "I'm kidding."

The bells are synced with the internet, but for some reason, there has been a bit of a problem with the sync between the internet server and the timer on the computer.

"We've already made some calls and we've got some people on it. Now we are just trying to coordinate for somebody to come out and fix them," says Boss. 

Boss says that the bells should be fixed soon.