Swindell's Leisure Pool at the Okotoks Recreation Centre reopened over the weekend.

It had been closed for a week prior after routine testing found an HPC count over 100 in the poll's water.

When the pool was first closed, the town said they were told by AHS that there was minimal risk to those who'd used the pool in the last few days.

Town staff worked to correct the issue and send off a new sample for testing and it appears they've been given the green light to reopen the leisure pool, with an announcement having been sent out on Saturday.

In their announcement about the reopening, the town included a few tips for maintaining a healthy pool:

  • Take a thorough, cleansing shower before entering the pool. This includes using soap
  • Do not wear outdoor footwear in the change rooms or on the pool deck
  • Strollers and wheelchairs can be swapped out for clean pool deck options provided by the Town
  • Please thoroughly wash bathing suits that have been worn in other locations before wearing them in the pool

The full announcement can be seen here.

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