Several commercial vehicles were taken off the road in Lake Louise last week.

On September 28 and 29, Lake Louise and Alberta RCMP along with Alberta Sheriffs and Parks Canada, conducted commercial vehicle inspections in the Lake Louise area.

More than 50 vehicles were inspected, with 33 of them passing inspection.

Following inspection, 14 vehicles were put out of service, with six identified as "requiring immediate attention."

All in all, 52 tickets were issued.

Detachment Commander of the Lake Louise RCMP, Sergeant Susan Richter, was quoted in a media release.

"Traffic safety is a priority for Lake Louise RCMP... In this operation, we aimed to enhance public safety by focusing on three things – safe vehicles, safe drivers, and safe roads. This initiative was one way we have used education and enforcement to ensure our roadways are safe for everyone using them. I am very appreciative of the assistance provided by the Alberta Sheriffs and Parks Canada."

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