The 'positive ticketing campaign' is back again this year.

As Cst. Jill Kingdon-Mills with the High River RCMP says, it's about rewarding good behaviour.

"That could be riding their bike with their helmet on, that could be picking up some trash and putting it in the garbage can, holding the door for somebody... And with that, they get a positive ticket from the officer and a treat coupon to go redeem at one of our local very generous businesses."

Cst. Kingdon-Mills says the local support has been tremendous and it's a highlight for many officers, herself included.

"I am so excited about this. We've done this for the last couple of years. So, our officers are going to be out there looking for kids doing amazing things. It's essentially a way of recognizing the youth in our community for all the great things that they're doing and just being great citizens of High River."

The campaign goes throughout the summer.