The Province is making it easier to renew driver's licences and get an ID by going online.

The minister for Service Alberta Nate Glubish says they wanted to make sure it was simple, easy and standardized.

"Once you've selected your service, a driver's licence for example, you would then select which registry agent you wish is helping to fulfill your renewal and it will be treated as if you had gone in person to the registry," he explained.

Glubish says privacy concerns have been taken seriously and expects many Albertans will take advantage of the new service.

"This is no different than if you were going into a registration in person, you would be showing your physical ID to renew it. In this case you will simply be logging in to your online account with MyAlberta eServices in order to verify who you are and to use that verified account to use this service," he says. "I think Albertans are very used to logging in to their online banking accounts, they're very used to logging into all kinds of online accounts to interact with various online services and this will be very similar to that and will be designed with the highest degrees of standards of the Alberta government's security and online protocols to protect the privacy of Albertans 

To renew online, Albertans will log in with a verified account and will need to meet the following eligibility criteria:
-Be 18 to 75 years old to renew a driver’s licence or at least 18 years old to renew an ID card.
-Be a resident of Alberta.
-Have a driver’s licence that is not suspended.
-Not require changes to demographic information, such as address, height or sex, on their driver’s licence or ID card.
-Have a card that has not been expired for more than six months.
-Not require a medical examination report to renew their driver’s licence.
-Have a photo and signature on the card that are less than 10 years old.