High River council has passed its 2023 budget but some groups are still awaiting word on what they can expect.

They include the Museum of the Highwood, the Library, Sheppard Family Park and the Highwood Centre.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says they will be getting their money soon.

"We are revamping how those entities are funded every year so that they have a known amount each year as to what they're going to receive so that they can budget and plan properly."

Snodgrass says a new agreement will mean the groups will have more long-term support.

"Right now it's a year-to-year thing of coming to council cap in hand and hoping you're going to get what you need, so what we want to do is put a kind of fee-for-service agreement in so everyone knows what they're going to be getting on a more consistent year-to-year basis so they can plan longer than 10 or 12 months out."

He says the agreement should be ready for signing by mid-March to the end of March.