High River's Spitzee elementary school has a pretty good bank account going.

The fundraising arm of the school is really making headway raising money for the school's new playground according to principal Bill Holmes Jr..

"We received word that our CFEP (Community Facility Enhancement Program) grant had been approved for the full amount, $125,000 that is added to our existing amount and we are ready to move ahead with building a playground, finally." he says.

Two years ago they had $8,000 donated and even through COVID they were able to continue fundraising and now have $300,000 for the playground upgrades.

They're not done though.

"We've got another handicap accessible swing set that's going to go in as well as more swings for the kids and we're still raising money for those things to complete the whole set but the big, big structure that all of the kids are always gravitating to that's going to get done first," Holmes Jr. says.