Nanton's streets are going to have less dirt and clutter by the end of the end.

The street cleaning that was postponed recently due to the weather will begin on Monday, May 13, and will continue until the 22. 

As long as the weather is nice, crews will work the following schedule:

On May 13, street sweeping crews will begin by cleaning up the shoulders of the Northbound and Southbound Highways, then will head over to the Westview area. 

In the Westview area, crews will clean from 27 Ave west to 31 Ave, Westview Drive north to 20 Street, and 29 Ave south to Highway 533.

On Tuesday, May 14, crews will be in the North Meadows Area, cleaning from 18 Street north to 15 Street, 22 Ave west to 26 Ave, 26 Ave north to Highway 2 Southbound, and finally 18 Street from 26 Ave to Highway 2 Southbound.

Wednesday, May 15, street sweepers will clean from 23 Ave west to 26 Ave and then 18 Street south to 22 Street.

On Thursday, May 16, Highway 2 Southbound west to 23 Ave and 18 Street south to 22 Street will be cleaned, whereas on Friday, May 17th, crews will clean Highway 2 Southbound west to 24 Ave, 22 Street south to 24 Street, 22 Ave west to 24 Ave, and 24 Street south to 26 Street.

Crews will then return after the long weekend and on Tuesday, March 21, they will clean 22 Ave (Slade Drive) west to 26 Ave, 26 Street from 24 Ave to 26 Ave, 26 Street to Slade Drive, and 24 Street by the Baptist Church.

If all goes as planned, Wednesday, May 22 will be the last day of street sweeping and crews will clean between Highway 2 Southbound and Highway 2 Northbound, cleaning from 17 Street to 28 Street.

They will start at 20 Street first thing in the morning and will move out from there.

Signage will be placed ahead of time, and the Town is asking residents to sweep any dirt and debris from their driveway and sidewalk onto the street, so the sweeper can collect it all.

The Town is also asking residents to remove their vehicles and other obstacle from the street, so crews can safely do their work.

Crews will work between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day.