The High River Sunset Drive-In has some special Thursday night's coming up and they've dubbed it 'Smashed Windshields'.

Thursday night lineups

And they're probably movies that have never been shown in Canada at a drive-in.

Classic 'B-films' from Australia will hit the big screen over the next three Thursday nights.

The down-under revenge classic 'Fair Game' from 1986, not to be confused with the 2010 movie with Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, is set for this Thursday, Sept. 15.

And admission is also at classic prices at only $10 a carload.

The Sunset Drive-In also started off September with two school classics 'Class of 1984' and 'Cutting Class'.

Here's the Thursday night lineups:

And then in October they're lining up some horror films as they head into Halloween.

Lineup for September and October