High River town council's amended the 2023 budget to include more flood cleanup from ten years ago.

They awarded a contract for $655,047 to Wire Construction for cleanup and riparian re-vegetation in Beachwood, Wallaceville and Rio Vista.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says there are still garbage bins and wire in the river.

The problem has been they can only get into the river to remove them at certain times, so they don't harm fish habitat.

They need permission from Alberta Environment to move forward and haven't received it yet.

A sanitary lift station in Wallaveville has been demolished and now power lines can be removed.

The former Gavel property has partially been cleaned up of debris but some garbage due to 2013 remains. In addition, there are stockpiles of soil from flood clean-ups that have been deposited on the site as well as waste concrete debris. The existing barbed wire fence will be replaced with post and cable fence.

The money for the work comes from grants the town's already received from the provincial government.


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