The Foothills Advocacy In Motion (FAIM) has been helping adults with developmental disabilities to be a part of their community since 1980.

"We support adults with developmental disabilities to live and work in their communities," explains Executive Director Gerry McCallum. "So, we assist those people to find work, to take part in community activities and become part of their community."

They have locations in Okotoks, High River, and Strathmore, with another one opening up in Airdrie in June.

Their High River location was their original location, opening in 1980.

In 2005, they expanded into Okotoks, and then opened their Strathmore location in 2009.

"We like to say that we almost have Calgary surrounded," McCallum says.

He adds that they are pleased that these rural communities are interested in the support that FAIM has to offer.

"FAIM really tries to just help people to become part of their community. We all play a role in our communities, and certainly adults with developmental disabilities as well," McCallum says. "Maybe in the past, you could say people with disabilities are maybe forgotten. Or maybe not as included in the communities as much as they should be. So, our mission is to really help people become a better-connected contributing member of their community."

McCallum says that FAIM has really grown in Okotoks, which has caused them to need more space.

"Our current location is over on Stockton Avenue there, we are just busting at the seams. And so, we've been looking for a while now for a bigger location and we just signed a lease. It'll be the old RCMP building. It's currently owned by OCL properties on Woodgate Avenue, just sort of across from the Tim Horton's there on the main street," explains McCallum.

They are currently in the process of moving over there and plan to open in the next few weeks.

"We're really excited about this, and I guess for a few reasons. One is we're expanding our footprint, so there'll be a lot more area for our support in that building. But also, it's really quite a visible location. It's right on the main drag. We're hoping that translates into more jobs for people that we support," says McCallum.

They are also looking for job coaches and care providers.

"That would be people who would welcome adults with disabilities to come live with them, and they receive compensation for that."

 For those who wish to use their services or help volunteer, their website has all the information you may need.