Did you spot all the familiar Alberta locations in episode four of The Last of Us?

With echoes of the Hank Williams song 'Alone and Forsaken' many of us were treated to some recognizable locations in the latest episode titled 'Please Hold My Hand'.

Some key provincial icons pop up in every episode of the Alberta shot television series and the latest episode was no exception.

You might have recognized the roller coaster from Calaway Park, the High Level Train Bridge in Lethbridge, and the Airport Trail tunnel in Calgary.

And what about downtown Calgary and Globe Cinemas?  It looks like 2003's 'Underworld' and 'Matchstick Men' were playing.

Some other locations for episode five's 'Please Hold My Hand' were shot in Strathmore, Claresholm, Nanton, Carsland, Priddis and Bragg Creek.

The episode ended in a cliffhanger too, but you'll only have to wait until this Friday, Feb. 10th for episode five as it's airing early due to the NFL's Superbowl on Sunday.

Typically, a new episode is released every Sunday with the nine-episode series scheduled to air its finale on March 12.