Now that the Town of Nanton has purchased a new Ice Resurfacer, they are offering a sponsorship opportunity.

The Town is looking for people or businesses who wish to advertise with the Town on the side of their Ice Resurfacer.

It's a five-year deal and will run from the beginning of the 2024/2025 ice season all the way to the end of the 2028/2029 ice season.

The Town supports entering into marketing sponsorships with third parties, as long as it is mutually beneficial to both parties.

They also select sponsorships from places that are in alignment with the Town's values and will not enter into a sponsorship deal that helps to promote things like tobacco, alcohol, religion, politics, and prejudice or derogatory beliefs.

All of the cost of materials and labour associated with the design, production, and installation of the advertising is covered by the successful sponsor.

For more information on what the Town is expecting from a sponsor, and to learn how to send in the proposal, head over to the Town of Nanton website.