Nanton's Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre was the target of a recent theft.

On Dec. 29, thousands of dollar's worth of power cables used for the holiday light display at the grain elevators were stolen.

In a post on the Discovery Centre's Facebook page, they list a 100' 240vac cable and nine 50' power cables as having been stolen, with the former being on loan for the event.

The estimated value of the stolen cables is $5,000.

Nanton Mayor Jennifer Handley also took to Facebook to post about the incident, encouraging people to donate to the centre in to help them replace the cables and build a fence on the property.

Nanton's grain elevators were shut down in 2001 but were restored soon after and given historic designation status from the province in 2022.

Today they stand as a historic and cultural site, often hosting live music and movie screenings.

Alberta RCMP Media Relations confirms an investigation is underway, and that they don't have any suspects at this time.