The Town of High River has submitted their appeal of the Rimrock Renewables biodigester project.

The project received approval from Alberta Environment and Protected Areas on Dec. 11, 2023.

Council submitted the appeal on Jan. 10 due to concerns that "it will be directly affected by the approval because of its close proximity to the project, specifically listing potential impacts of water quality, traffic, noise, and air quality/odours on the Town and its residents."

Their concerns echo those of many concerned residents in the area who've vocally opposed the project for over a year.

The appeal includes two requests, firstly for the liquid digestate pond to be either fully covered or contained in a tank system in order to eliminate odours.

They've also requested oversight from the Alberta Energy Regulator during construction. According to the town, the project should see the same level of oversight as would a petroleum and natural gas plant, as the project will produce combustible gas.

The town also requested to present their requests to the Environmental Appeals Board at an appeal hearing.

More information on the appeal can be seen on the town's website.