The Forest Resource Improvement Association has set up a grant to help towns deal with wildfire dangers.

High River mayor Craig Snodgrass says council's decided to look at making an application.

The idea of applying for the grant was brought forward by Fire Chief Cody Zebedee.

"The grant application would get us on the list to do a wildfire assessment in and around High River, so I think it's very valuable that we do this, there's no cost to the Town right now so we'll move on to the next step and see where Cody brings it back to us from there," he says

With the Mercer-Hughes lands, Beachwood and Wallaceville right on the edge of the town, the mayor says a wildfire mitigation strategy could help avoid a disaster.

The Town's applying for $25,000 plus another $1,000 for a third party to complete the full application if the town's successful in moving forward in the process.