Crime pays for one group. Criminal surcharges granted to programs that assist victims of crime.
The Alberta Government announced a three-year grant of $186,929 for the Foothills Regional Victim Services Association this week.
The grant is part of the $2.3 million allocated to similar organizations, funded by fine surcharges collected from criminals.
Program Coordinator Kerri Wilkinson says victims need their support.
"They don't always have the information they need, they don't know what services are available to them," she says.  "They're not always aware that there is a victim impact statement they can prepare for the court.  There are financial restitution programs available, financial benefits programs."
Wilkinson says most of the grant money will go towards training volunteers, who are on-call twelve hours a week after 100 hours of training.
If you'd like to volunteer, contact Kerri at (403) 652-2359.