Your first chance to see who'll be taking over seats in High River council comes Wednesday night as the candidates for High River Mayor square off. The council debate goes Thursday. File Photo.

High River voters will have their chance to hear from the candidates in this month's elections starting Wednesday.

The High River Chamber of Commerce will hold the Mayor's forum Tuesday from 7 to 8:30pm.

The Council forum will go Thursday night from 6:30 to 9:30pm.

Lynette McCracken with the Chamber says they'll have to do a bit of juggling to make sure all 24 council candidates get equal time answering questions.

"What we're going to do is group them in groups of three's and two's so everyone gets a fair shake at answering some these questions. We know that with this many candidates running that it's going to be difficult to have all of them heard. And I do believe there's other plans being made to have a "round table" type of forum to be set up for them after this forum."

McCracken says with 24 people running for council, and with only three hours of debate time, they won't be allowing questions from the floor.

"We will provide you with pen and paper and we will only be accepting written questions at this point in time, because there won't be enough time to have verbal questions from the floor."

Both forums will be held at the Highwood Memorial Centre.

Below is the entire slate of candidates running in High River:


Jamie Kinghorn
Craig Snodgrass


Rob Bennington
Emile Blokland - (Incumbent-Mayor)
Jim Boake
Marlene Bonneville
Ken Braat
Dragan Brankovich
Cathy Couey
Betty Hiebert (Incumbent)
Yousra Jomha
Riza Krasniqi
Ronald J. Lindholm
Peter Loran
Anthonet Maramieri
Bruce Masterman
Don McCracken
Heather McInnes
Heather Meszaros
Don Moore (Incumbent)
Richard Murray
Willie Neish
Michael Nychyk
Carol Reid
Kelly Selmser
Frank VanDonzel