Respiratory virus season is expected to ramp up with the cold weather.

For those looking to restock on test kits, there are a few options in Okotoks and High River.

The Alberta Blue Cross website's pharmacy inventory map lists four pharmacies in Okotoks and none in High River, though most pharmacies do have free kits in stock.

Kits were being distributed at the High River Public Health Centre, though they've now run out and aren't currently giving them out.

In Okotoks, kits are only available at pharmacies, as the former AHS facility on Southridge Drive is now a DynaLabs location. The Government of Alberta website's "Find an AHS Clinic" page lists the location as a clinic where kits are available, but that information is outdated.

The Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre does not carry testing kits.

Rapid test kits do have expiry dates, so it's recommended that people with older kits check theirs.

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