There's a lot of debate among High River residents about why gas in High River is so expensive, compared to gas in Okotoks and Calgary.

Senior Petroleum Analyst for Gas Buddy, Dan McTeague, says the cost of gas for retailers is the same across the board, so the only explanation for the price differences is competition.

"Hash tag gas bar shenanigans! Gasoline in Okotoks is the same wholesale and taxes in as it is in Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, take your pick. Anywhere in Central, Southern Alberta tends to be pretty much the same price," he said.

McTeague says the differences at the pumps are due to the retail margin the provider is aiming to earn, while remaining competitive.

"That can be as high as twelve cents per litre. It is that twelve cents a litre, which is being treated, really, as a football. It's getting kicked around, causing a lot of confusion for folks. One day it's up, one day it's down. It's gas retailers really trying to keep their market share, while at the same time, ensuring to keep their nose slightly above the financial water line," he said.

He says the easy answer to the question as to what's going on with Alberta gas, is that retailers, particularly in Okotoks, are in a gas war.

"It's a cut throat competition. It looks like Co-Op, Costco and No Frills are duking it out in Okotoks, along with Shell over there by Railway and 32nd street," he said.

McTeague says many retailers appear to be selling gasoline at below cost, so it's best to take advantage while you can.


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