With the public hearing, regarding the Town of High River Cannabis Land Use Bylaws, wrapped up it is almost time to make it a reality.

The bylaw will return to council at the May 28th meeting for further updates and perhaps the final reading.

Town Planner Sarah Peck says the Mayor's Task Force asked for one change.

"The Mayor's Task force was recommending that we keep the land use bylaw as is," said Peck. "But add a section into the bylaw stating the buffer regulations would not apply to any land zoned central business district."

Peck adds that would mean there would be no buffer zones between early childhood businesses and parks in the downtown area.

The buffers they have right now are 100 metres around early childhood services operations, parks and schools.

"They are substantially affecting our downtown."

The council would like to see more opportunities for business.

"From their perspective they see the central business district the most desirable location for cannabis stores."

Council will have two options to vote on at the May 28th meeting, the land use bylaw as it stands and one with the option to adopt the Mayor's Task Forces strategy.

Council still has time to make amendments to the bylaw and then administration would bring it back on June 11th.

Peck is happy to have the work on this project reach this point.

"Lots of research went into it. Lots of thoughts and consideration. I think we had a great turnout with the survey we did. I was very happy with the number of people that responded."

She adds with only two people, one from Alberta Health services and one resident, come out to the public hearing that is an indication that people are generally supportive of the direction the Town is taking.

Council will have to deal with amendments to the smoking bylaw which will regulate where marijuana can be smoked in High River.


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