The Town of High River is hoping people will look over their proposed new cannabis land use bylaw.

Town council gave first reading to the new bylaw at the last council meeting and a public hearing is scheduled for Monday, May 14.

Town Planner, Sarah Peck, says anyone who has an issue, concern or a comment that they feel council needs to know about, this is the time to do it.

'It is so important for all stake holders," said Peck. "Whether they are residents in our community, or potential entrepreneurs we want to hear from a wide range of people."

One big issue they needed to solve was just how much distance should there be between potential marijuana stores and schools, parks and hospitals.

If they went with the same distance rules that liquor stores have to follow there wouldn't be much space available.

"It was going to be very limited in their options if we kept 150 metres from schools and parks, just because there are so many, particularly in the downtown and as well as in the 12th Ave. area."

So they went with 100 metres.

The Town had good feedback on an online survey they did before putting the land use bylaw to together, and there was one thing that jumped out.

"There was one option, 'I am interested in opening a cannabis store in High River," and 29 people responded to that."

15 people said they are interested in opening up a cannabis facility which is growing and processing and six are interested in opening a counselling clinic for medical purposes.

At the Monday, May 14, open house, Council will listen to oral and written comments and suggestions, they can be made by any person or group of persons, or a person acting on his or their behalf who claims to be affected by the proposed Bylaw.

For links to the full survey and the land use bylaw check the Town of High River's Website.


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