Some local business owners have embarked on a challenging journey that offers support to African orphanages, while one's family is attempting the adoption of an orphaned child.

Wendy Badduke, one of two owners of Tribal Connections Market, has been trying to adopt ten-year-old Joseph for about four years, and says it has been a long process with several speed bumps along the way.

"One of their rules is you have to live there for three years before you're allowed to adopt. We met his Grandma, and she was going to give us full permission, so we were hoping that would help. We're still fighting for him, we just know he's our son, for sure," she said.

Joseph's mother and father are both deceased, and he currently resides with his Grandma and Uncle.

"We spend all of our time together when we're there. It's weird how we can communicate and we have a strong connection. He's a sweet boy who has nothing, we'd love to have him here and he'd love to come here too," said Badduke.

She and her sister and business partner, Jodi Loverin, visit Africa as often as possible, supporting orphanages with the tips they earn.

Tribal Connections employees also support the cause by donating their tips to the children in need.

Badduke says she and her family will continue to endure the lengthy process until they can bring Joseph home.

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