Not a lot of good news for High River in the Province's economic update from last week.

High River Chamber of Commerce President, Steven Muth, says the NDP told us revenues were up in the first six months of 2018.

But how they were up left Muth scratching his head.

"It was a little shocking to see the government tout the increase in tax revenue as a success for that government and as a positive thing for the people of Alberta. But for a government to be very happy in taking more income taxes from it's people, is a little disconcerting to business owners and the public in general."

He says he expects the Province's report card on finance for the second half of 2018 to be a lot less rosy as the oil price differential really started to kick in late in the summer, which is drastically affecting revenues.

Muth says the NDP's numbers left him cold, as did the City of Calgary's budget numbers, which are showing small businesses taking a pounding from City Hall there in increased business taxes.

Muth says that may add up to good news for High River, in attracting businesses who may look to move here.

"That is one of the incredibly attractive things about High River, is we have no businesses taxes. Yes, we have property taxes, just like every other municipality in Canada. But unlike Calgary, we have zero business tax. For anybody that's listening, High River's open for business. So please come down and see the beautiful community we have."

Muth says to him it doesn't look like the City of Calgary cares enough about their small businesses to keep them there.


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