Nothing says Christmas like a concert at Spitzee School, they hosted three of them this year, finishing off December 14th with the Grade 4 and 5 class.

Jingle Bell Jukebox was a musical about the spirit of Christmas.

The story, set in the 1950's, filled with great Christmas music saw the students go from being happy about missing school due to a big snowfall to worrying about if Santa would be able to make it in time for Christmas.

Teacher Maureen Misura says it was a collaborative effort with the students having a say on every part of the performance.

"It takes lots of work but what has been so fun is that the kids and I have put it together ourselves," said Misura. "We start with a script and we rewrite it and we add in the pieces we like and we take out what we don't like. We talked about how it is like writing story together."

She says working with 130 students creatively has been really fun.

"It takes longer because you listen to each other, you have to decide together what you like and what you don't like. I think that is why that show works because the kids own it. We decided on the steps together, we decided on the words together and the costumes."

She says they poured their whole hearts into it, and they started working on it before Halloween.

And sometimes the funniest part of the night is looking at the parents.

"You turn around and they are beaming and you look at the kids and they are so excited and you turn around and see it re-elected in the parents. They are just so proud. I don't think it matters sometimes what the kids do up there, the parents are just so excited to watch their kids."

She said explaining what a record is was interesting.

"Showing them a record player and they say it is a giant CD. The fifties part of it was so fun."


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