Ever since The Last of Us' third episode came out many people are asking questions about a former High River neighbourhood.

Beachwood Estates, a once vibrant affluent neighbourhood in High River was lost to the flood of 2013.

All the homes were taken out however some of the infrastructure remains although it's now been turned into a dog walking paradise for some locals.

Need a stick, take a stickNeed a stick, take a stick.

And if you're wondering who's house the character Bill as played by Nick Offerman is living in.  It was just a prop as all the homes had already been removed from the neighbourhood, with just the asphalt roads and cement sidewalks left behind.

You will notice the odd remnant of the neighbourhood if you go for a walk however it's essentially been reclaimed by mother nature.

Wildlife lovers will appreciate the area too with deer, moose and a wide variety of wildlife now calling it home.

The estimated cost of the project was $515,000 with 70 per cent of funding coming from a Government of Alberta grant for flood renewal projects and the remaining 30 per cent coming from the Town of High River's capital reserves. 

And there's a small gravel parking lot just off 12 Ave. where you can park and go check out the old neighbourhood.

Parking lot for access to the walking trails and old neighbourhood of Beachwood EstatesGravel parking lot just off 12 Ave SW in High River.  Great area to take your dog for a walk and re-vist the old neighbourhood of Beachwood Estates.