The Alberta government poured in $820,000.00 into the Prairie Mountain Trail in Kananaskis Country.

Prairie Mountain Trail location (Google maps)Prairie Mountain Trail location (Google maps)

The trail was just reopened after now that the work has been finished.

It included a newly defined trailhead and improved signage resulting in safer trail that's easier to follow and less stress on the environment.

The Prairie Mountain Trail is in the Elbow Valley in the Public Land Use Zone (PLUZ), just across from Hwy 66 from the Elbow Falls Provincial Rec area.

In a released statement Alberta Minister of Forestry and Parks, Todd Loewen said “There are many incredible experiences waiting for outdoor enthusiasts along our provincial trail system, and Prairie Mountain Trail serves as a great example of what we intend to accomplish by investing in trails across Alberta. We are extremely proud of the work completed here and with other similar trail projects this year.”

It's all part of the province's $211.3 million investment over three years to improve and expand recreation areas in parks and across public lands.

This specific project falls under the Crown Lands Trails and Tourism capital fund.

If you like to recreate in the Livingstone PLUZ the Atlas and McGillivray staging areas are currently in the works for improvements.


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