Natural gas rates in Alberta are increasing for the month of February.

Direct Energy has announced that the natural gas rate for February is going to be more than double than what it was in January.

Customers who live in the ATCO Gas South service territory south of Red Deer, but have not selected a competitive supplier, your gas rates will be increasing from $2.173 per GJ in January to $4.43 Per GJ.

This change reflects the market price for February supplies of $2.189 per GJ, as per the Natural Gas Exchange (NGX), as well as incorporating an adjustment of $2.241 per GJ for previous month.

The average gas bill for February, based on an average of 16 GJ of consumption, will be approximately $226.

In January, the average residential gas bill was expected to be approximately $213 per 20 GJ.

For more information on gas bills, visit the Direct Energy Website or the Utilities Consumer Advocate: Residential (