Some drivers in High River are parking a little too close to crosswalks, especially in school zones.

Cst. Jill Kingdon-Mills says it's clearly marked where you can and can't park.

"I've had a couple of parents and staff members at the schools pass this on to me, just a gentle reminder and a kind request to please not park where the curbs are painted yellow," she says. "The reason the curbs are painted yellow around those crosswalks is to make sure that there aren't cars parked right beside where kids, or adults, might be needing to look out, so it gives a bit of a buffer zone, gives much more visibility for drivers who are coming up on the crosswalks.

She gives kudos to the Town of High River for the job crews have done painting the lines and curbs around town, making them so easily visible.

She also reminds drivers not to make U-Turns in the middle of the block in front of schools.

Cst. Kingdon-Mills points out it's illegal to make a U-Turn between intersections.