The High River Brewing Co. Flyers are looking to right their wrong tonight (Feb. 28) after falling 5-2 against the Carstar Okotoks Bisons on Tuesday night in the HJHL best of five round two series. The Bisons lead the series two-games-to-one.

The Flyers had some trouble getting their power play rolling in game three.

Colton Hayes, head coach of the Flyers is going to try and steer the ship in the right direction.

"The last two games we definitely had a power play struggle. If you look at game one, we beat them in the special teams. We have been preaching it, we have changed and tweaked a little bit on our end" Hayes said.

"It's just execution by our powerplay units and having that will and drive to score playoff goals and doing the little things at the end of the day". 

While Flyers have struggled on the power play, the Bisons special teams continue to find the back of the net. Scoring on four of their last nine power plays in just the past two games in the series.  

Forward Alex McIsaac will be joining the team tonight after serving a one game suspension following a boarding call against the Bisons. Flyers will be welcoming him back with open arms after he finished the season second in scoring on the team with 49 points in 37 games this season.

"Alex brings a whole aspect to our team, physically he is one of the strongest kids pound for pound in our league. He pushes our offense, and he's been one of our rocks all season. He's a kid that never gives up and when the game is on the line, he's a kid who steps in those big moments to."

Flyers rookie sensation Connor Smith will be putting his best skate forward as his team tries to push the series to at least a game five. His brother Nolan Smith however will look to close the series against Connor and the Flyers tonight at Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex.

"I have trained (the Smith brothers) since they were 10 and 9 years old. I'm sure it's a little strange for the both of them. At the end of the day Connor has played against his brother really well" Hayes explained.

"Offensively Connor is beating Nolan, that helps out too. Nolan has got a couple assists, throw a little dagger at him. Connor Smith is a special player; he's going to do special things going forward when he gets a little older and plays Junior A next year. A 16-year-old kid coming into the league, scoring 28 goals, having 62 points in the regular season and doing what he's doing offensively speaks volumes on how special of a kid he is and how much he brings to our line up every night."  

Game four starts at 7:30 at the Bob Snodgrass Rec Plex.